Dinner place: Ebisu

Friday, August 18, 2017

Flat dinner nights are pretty rare occurrences at our household considering we have pretty different schedules. We like to have dinners at different times of the day, plus we have different diet requirements. But since we also like to discover new restaurants that seem to pop up at an increasing rate in Auckland these days, the last few flat dinners have actually been outside making these discoveries together. The next flat dinner out is planned for early August, place yet to be decided. The last one was on an equally rainy but definitely warmer day a few months ago, at Ebisu. 

The restaurant was already full when we got there. The only tables available were:

- by the door with the cold wind rushing at us with each swing

- by the DJ with the music cranked up enveloping us so we could hardly hear across the table

Ah well. We chose a few dishes, turning up the cellphone light to investigate better its presentation in the dimly lit interior. 

Dainty portions consciously laid on trendy plates didn't quite make for full bellies at the end of the evening, but we did leave with inspirations to recreate a few dishes later on. 

Good for cosying up on chilly evenings, best to book ahead if possible. 

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