My new magic cooking machine Thermomix

Friday, August 04, 2017

If you live in Auckland and want to know more about this amazing machine, get in touch. I will be glad to share more info on my experience.

My sister in law says that she uses it every single day. As a young doctor with interns following her around during the day and a two year old running after her at all other times, she finds the magic machine quick and easy to use, hassle free.

My mother in law uses hers every day, too. Running a high end bed and breakfast in chic Paris, she is always baking and cooking up new dishes for her guests on a daily basis. It's fantastic! she said.

It was probably the first thing my other sister in law asked for as her wedding present.

With them raving about this amazing high tech machine, encouraging me to try it and get it for myself, I was intrigued to find out if Thermomix was also available in our part of the world.

Turns out, Thermomix has quite a following in Australia that is picking up across the ditch, in New Zealand, too. It's the world's smallest, smartest kitchen.
Thermomix is a multi functioning cooking machine. It is your stand mixer, food processor, blender, rice cooker, steamer, and even scale, all in one. Its touch screen acts as a step by step cooking guide, via a cookbook chip you slot into the side of your Thermomix, so you don't even need a pile of physical books anymore. Instead of having multiple different cooking gadgets, you only need this one, the size of a slightly larger rice cooker.

We don't have a large kitchen so space is really important for me. Personally I like having a small collection of cooking books on the kitchen shelf, but the one machine simplifying my kitchen needs, especially one that comes with a scale functionality, was what prompted me to get my own Thermomix, much to the delight of my in laws ('Finally!').

Thermomix is German tech machine made in France. My German flatmate was so excited when she heard that we might be getting one. Her boyfriend sees us use it every time he comes over, seemingly more and more convinced each time.

The first week, we used our Thermomix to cook and bake:
  • Chocolate chip cookies for my colleagues
  • Hot chocolate for my husband
  • Brioche loaf, easy breakfast for the week
  • Chicken curry
  • Quiche Lorraine 
  • Zucchini soup, using homemade vegetable stock, also made using Thermomix
  • Vegetarian sausage rolls
There are more shared on my Instagram account. Plus we took the kiwifruit and basil sorbet we had made the week before to a mate's movie night on Friday.
You could be a busy working person, a parent or an amateur cook who still want to eat decent healthy homemade meals at home. You could even be a skilled cook who want to reduce the clutter in your kitchen or the amount of washing up after a cooking session. Thermomix is for anyone who is interested.

Thermomix isn't cheap. But I have never ever cooked up something new every single day in a week before. It would have never happened if it hadn't been for this magic machine. Meal planning is more fun as my cooking confidence goes up. So far, I am one very happy customer.

If you live in Auckland and want to know more about this amazing machine, get in touch. I will be glad to share more info on my experience.

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