Happy long weekend!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Monday is Auckland anniversary so we are enjoying a long weekend - loving it!

On Saturday we went for a quick dip in the beach in North Shore in the afternoon then stopped by my current favourite Auckland ice cream place Island Gelato at the Britomart ferry building before heading home.

This was my outfit of the day, a dress S had made for me before she moved to London. It's gorgeous!

The hot weather being perfect for a barbecue, we started the charcoal going for Sunday lunch. Our neighbours did not agree. Apparently they thought it was too hot and too sunny and wanted us to have a bucket of water next to it, just in case. Having even brought our new deck chairs out, it was quite the mood damper. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our meal in our common garden, with no fire mishaps. 

Our last flatmate bids a sudden adieu this weekend, too, so from now on we are going to be just the two and a half of us! The sudden increase of space and privacy is exciting but also a little scary. I do hope we won't start filling the extra spaces with too much clutter. I'd rather have limited fridge space than have too much food go to waste!

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