Hot and bothered

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's still very hot and humid these days in Auckland. Not helping that the cyclone Gita is passing by, blowing these heat about. 

The first thing I want to do coming through the doors after another intense day at work is to slump down and take a nap, but that isn't so easy when there is a big and growing bump in the way. Moving in this heavy weather isn't fun especially with the extra weight and skin and fat, slowing you right down, even when you know the traffic light is going to turn green any minute now, and the train is going to close its doors in another 30 seconds, and you could make it if you quickened your steps just a bit... Sorry, I'll take the next one.

So instead, I scooped myself a glass full of plum ice cream to cool off with. Don't feel too hungry anyway. My stomach is squished half way up my chest these days so I feel full all the time. Then starving the next. Sometimes. Can't quite decide. 

Dinner was leftover risotto from last night. Picked some red ripe tomatoes from our balcony pot garden, thinking I'll make some lentil salad with them tomorrow. 

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