You’re making a mess

Friday, March 02, 2018

Who needs a baby when you’re making enough mess already?

Last weekend I grabbed a large jar of crushed garlic by its lid... forgetting that it was only half screwed on. 

Oh, oh. 

The contents spilt out all over our dining area. All over the chairs. All over the floor. Some on the windows. Even under the dining table top. My kind husband said, ‘You couldn’t have made more of a mess if you’d tried,’ cleaning up the specks of garlic pieces off the furniture. 

Urgh, welcome to third trimester?

Yesterday I was feeling so meh at a three hour morning workshop that I almost ran to get some coffee half way through. I haven’t had real coffee since being pregnant but this was an emergency. No soy hot chocolate was going to help this time. As the caffeine buzz oozed into my veins I felt a lot better and a lot more awake. 

Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up. Doesn’t everyone?

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