10 most used French baby words

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trying to raise a multilingual child requires more dedication than I first hoped. The one parent one language thing doesn’t really work when I keep forgetting words when trying to keep to just one language... but we will keep trying. 

As a family though, we try to stick to French and here are ten words that frequently pop up in our conversations involving our little one, who is six weeks old today:
  1. Berceau - cot/bassinet - At first we thought the baby could go straight to her own cot in her own room, until we started getting lectured on sudden unexpected death of an infant (SUDI) over and over again. So we got a bassinet custom made to sit next to our bed for our daughter’s first few months. Babies don’t like sleeping on their own beds, do they? At least, mine doesn’t, especially during the day. The nights are better, but we are still trying to get her to fall asleep on her own in her special berceau
  2. Dodo - sleep - At the moment little L wakes up only once during the night from her dodo to feed. Most nights, anyway. It’s harder to get her to sleep longer than 4 hours, though. Hopefully soon she will be sleeping all the way through the night (faire ses nuits)
  3. Allaiter - to breastfeed - Our baby is exclusively breastfed at the moment, so it’s normally me that gets up during the night. Unless she refuses to sleep even after being breastfed, then it’s daddy’s turn to try to settle the baby
  4. Bavoir - bib - Lately our baby has started spitting up milk, it’s quite frustrating! We have so many bavoirs everywhere: by each bedside table, changing station, play station, dining table, bassinet, and of course on the actual baby!
  5. Rototo - burp - To help avoid so many spit ups you are meant to burp the baby after each feed but it doesn’t always work. I’d also been told that you don’t actually need to burp breastfed babies but I think it’s better than getting curdled milk all over you. There are so many contradicting information out there when it comes to looking after a newborn. L does the most amazingly loud rototos though!
  6. Couche - nappy - My husband and I take turns in changing nappies in the evening. Babies go through so many of them, don’t they? 
  7. Prout - farting noise - Our little one likes to fart a lot of very smelly ones all throughout the day. Prout prout! At least it means that she’s digesting well and the gas doesn’t get trapped inside
  8. Popo - poo - Sometimes her farts are so loud and smelly we confuse them with her popo. Today she pooped so much while she was sitting on my lap that it came up her couche and even got some on my jeans 
  9. Poussette - pram/stroller/buggy - Lucky the poussette did not get soiled as I had just gotten her out of it, just in time! A lot of people have complimented on how compact ours is, and it really is great for going on public transport and long walks
  10. Bâiller - to yawn - It’s so cute when L yawns! I wish she’d sleep as much as her bâillements but she will only be more awake as she gets older
A bonus word would be papa! As in, ouiii, papaaaaa, can you please take the baby for a bit so I can take a (toilet) break/nap/eat/stretch? I think it’s my most favourite word of them all. 

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