11 weeks

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

We had had family over the last week and a bit hence the lack of posts for a while. It was great to be on holiday outside of town, exploring another region with our family. 

The Airbnb was in the middle of an olive grove, and each night we had a sky full of twinkling stars as I nursed the baby to sleep. Every morning we woke up to a chorus of birds. It was so lovely. 

We learnt that travelling with a baby meant lot more baby stuff than ours. We forgot so many things! Miss L did well considering, but then she was pretty spoilt with so many arms to hold her, grandparents singing to her, uncle rocking her to sleep... she couldn’t have been more loved. 

It was also the week that we learnt our baby could sleep 8 hours at a stretch. Though getting her to sleep in the first place was a nightmare...

Back home and back into a more familiar routine, little Miss L is feeling a bit calmer. She still enjoys the daily bath times with her Papa. She has almost, but not quite yet, found her thumb to suck. Maybe in another week or so. 

Can’t believe she’ll be three months old next week!

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