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Thursday, July 05, 2018

I turned two months yesterday!

It was Papa’s birthday last week so I slept 7-8 hours at a stretch for three nights straight as my present to him. My parents were disappointed when this didn’t continue into the week. They are for special occasions! I will reconsider though, because I do love them. 

We went to visit Mum’s workmates on Monday. We took a box of doughnuts with us. They wouldn’t stop looking at me and trying to get me to wake up! So I kept still and slept through it all until I got home. Maybe next time I’ll let them hold me. 

I like to fall asleep on mum’s boobs. Who needs a tétine when I’ve got mum?

Bibs are fashion accessories plus they keep my neck warm. I need to spit milk curdles for my parents to put them on me though. 

I got a new rocking lounge chair last week. The rocking makes me fall asleep. I wish they wouldn’t stop rocking. You stop rocking I stop sleeping. 

Mum thinks I’m getting better at being by myself while she gets ready in the morning. It’s just that I’m getting better at marking my territory with the milk on her and her clothes. Sometimes she comes back with different clothes though so I have to spit up again. It’s hard work. 

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