Keep on moving

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Little Miss L is 12 weeks today but not quite three months old, which she will be next week. It’s confusing when people ask me how old my baby girl is. Maybe I should start dropping the weeks and just go with the months?

At almost three months, she is smiling a lot more, which is a joy to behold. We are having more face to face ‘conversations’, learning each other’s communication styles. Obviously, there’s a lot of gagas, burps and cries involved. Miss L loves to be moved around, too, contributing to the pedometer on our phones. Thanks sweetie for helping us exercise more. 

I’m still trying to connect to the outside world every day. Today I met a new mum and baby who live 10 minutes from us and chatted for two hours on how we are doing with our new schedules. Hopefully it will become a regular thing. Getting out is hard sometimes when the baby doesn’t want to cooperate - like today - but so good!

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