Things no one told me

Friday, August 24, 2018

This week I celebrated a little milestone of finally fitting into my favourite jeans again. It’s still tight, but it’s an achievement that I am very happy about. I had been told to be patient to get my body back postpartum. It did take nine whole months to grow the baby, after all. I was still horrified the first time I tried and failed to pull my jeans up past my thighs, though. A few more pants still to go...

Here are a few other things people did not tell me: 

No one told me that pregnancy would permanently change the way my belly button looks nor the long stretches of time I would spend on the couch breastfeeding. It takes so much longer to breastfeed than I ever imagined. I was prepared for the sore arms but not the wrist pains from holding the baby for long periods of time. They did tell me about the sleepless nights but not enough of the long day times. I was surprised to feel even hungrier than when pregnant. Also that feeding off a breast is natural instinct but off a bottle is not. 

So many things no one really told me about pregnancy and parenting. Not even of baby’s amazingly kissable cheeks. I could kiss Little Miss L’s chubby cheeks all day long. 

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