07-13 AKL

My Auckland is pretty much the CBD area plus the directly surrounding suburbs. Walkable distances, since I don't have a car. You may opt for a bus ride though.

..Most of the below are food places, obviously.

My life was cocooned inside this little hub since 2007 until 2013.
  • High St -
    Mezze bar. (and here and here) You know this is my favourite place to hang out, right? Love everything about it. WIFI
    Kapiti. My favourite cheese and ice cream place. $4 a scoop
    Trade Aid. Let's help out whenever we can. I love their things, wish I could afford more than their key rings, cards, plates, tea towels... Their Fairtrade chocolates are very popular.
    Grassy Knoll. Small, clean, friendly, good coffee. Potentially a new favourite?!
    Salad Works. Healthy work lunch option.
    Hollywood. This is a chain. Cheapest breakfast ever, $3.50 coffee and muffin.
  • Lorne St -
    Korean Pancake. Go to food for a hot quick bite. Starts from $3.
    Sheinkin cafe. Lovely date brioche.
    Tony's. $15 Lunch special for occasional mid-high dining.
    La Boulange. Tiny French bakery for French style sandwiches.
    Esquire's. This particular one is full of Asians, but the chain serves Fairtrade coffee and tea, which I support. WIFI
    the Shelf. A new place.
  • Albert Park -
    Art gallery cafe. $10 pot pies with salad, and a lovely selection of desserts and teas. Love their special menus that match their current exhibition.
    Albert park cafe. Local cafe.
  • Britomart -
    Shaky Isles. A cool trendy cafe, open on Sundays as well. Fairtrade! WIFI
    L'Assiette. French.
    Mexico. Soft shell tacos!! This is my latest favourite hang out, love the ambience. The menu changes every month, so you are never sick of the place.
    Milse. The new cool dessert bar.
    The Store. Sometimes when I feel like a treat in the morning, I stop by here for coffee and pastry.
    Ortolana. Italian-French fusion. Lovely in the evenings with the fairy lights above.
  • Vulcan lane -
    Cassette no. 9. Awesome place to dance. Teapot cocktails, anyone?
    Occidental. Love their seafood chowder, Belgian beer, moules frites, waffles...
  • Elliott Stables -
    Le Torchon. Real French people serving crêpes. Must have them with cider ;)
    Delectable Desserts. Panna cotta!
    Besos Latinos. Colourful interior.
  • Queen St -
    Remedy Coffee. Cool quiet place, book exchanges, arcade game machine. WIFI
    Stark's. Good hot chocolate and almond croissants. Chickpea rolls.
    Moustache. The insanely popular cookie bar. They have a special one-week cookie every week. What's on offer this week?
    Kiwi Music Bar. The Kiwi pizza place upstairs,  you will find the blue/white door next to Brooklyn bar. Open only in the evenings, often full or booked for private functions, but you should go at least once.
  • Sky Tower - 
    Mexican cafe. I love Mexican food. In the evenings you can also salsa! Go on, try it. You never know, you may find someone special ;)
    Federal&Wolfe. Not sure about its opening hours, because I've only managed to get inside once out of the numerous times I have tried. Once successfully in, though, it is a very cool trendy place. Fairtrade.
    The Depot. The new cool place right next to the Sky Tower. It may be hard to get a seat here. You'll be luckier if you go for breakfast. 
  • Hotels -
    Stamford Hotel. If you fancy a high tea.
    Sabrage at Sofitel. Lovely wine lounge, with class. Dress up a bit. Impress and be impressed.
Karangahape Rd.
Affectionately known as K Rd, this long stretch has the best op shops, and many gay bars and sex shops.
  • Coffix. The cheapest coffee in town. Treat yourself to quality (Fair Trade) coffee at just $2.50.

Mt Eden.
The Mt Eden Village is a friendly place, for all ages. 
  • Village bakehouse. French baker. My croissant and pain au chocolat place.
  • Olaf's artisan bakery cafe. It's my new favourite. :)
  • Circus circus. Voted the best NZ cafe for several years. 
  • Fish n' Chips. Award winning place.
  • Wine house.
  • Fraser's. Cheesecakes.
  • Tea shop.
  • Belgian cafe.
  • Independent bookshops.


Shopping district.
  • Little and Friday. Cool cafe with a cool cookbook. Always busy. I want to try everything here. 
  • C'est Fromage. French cheese shop. When I miss my gouda or comté.

Mission Bay.
I usually don't hang around here much, except in the Summer, briefly, and to run to and back.

Ponsonby/Newton/Freeman's Bay.
I wish I explored more of this area!

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